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The surf season begins in December and the swells maintain through May, although you can surf all year on Canoa's friendly beach break. During the season the wind switches and blows off shore in the mornings. Generally the best conditions are when you catch the tide coming up in the mornings but the sunset sessions are hard to beat. With almost 9 miles of beach there is plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the waves all to yourself.

In 2015 a new road was forged to access a development 6 miles north of Canoa. Previous to this surfers would have to rent a boat for the day to access this "secret" break. Canoa Suites has access to this area and offers surf tours for more experienced surfers to this secluded paradise.

What if I've never tried surfing?
We also offer surfing lessons for beginner and intermediate surfers right in front of the hotel. Our experienced instructors teach on-sight and are there to help you enjoy the struggles of learning to surf. We offer multi day packages as well. After a week at Canoa Suites Surf Camp you will have developed the skills to travel and safely enjoy the other amazing surfing locations that Ecuador offers.

Canoa features one of the best flying sites in the country. Yearly hang gliding and paragliding competitions are held here and Canoa is a favorite spot for international pilots. They flying season is from June to December on the coast. Canoa Suites offers tandem paragliding as well. Taking off from the cliffs with your pilot and float over the Pacific and land right on the beach in front of the hotel, it's an unforgettable experience.

Rio Canoa Farm Tour/Hike:
Located just behind Canoa is Rio Canoa, a small farming community. Canoa Suites offers tours to a 50 acre hobby farm located just minutes from the hotel. With toucans and parrots flying around it is an excellent spot for bird watching and photography. There are hiking trails cut into the dry tropical rain forest that is extremely endangered in our area. The farm features some of the only intact primary forest in the area. Hike through the farm and collect avocados, limes, oranges, grapefruit, banana, cacao, plantains and even coffee to bring back to the hotel.

La Florida Pre-Columbian Tour:
Just around the point of Canoa is a very magical spot. The pre-columbian natives known as the Jama Coaque, inhabited this area and they left their mark. They carved fish corrals out of the stone in the ocean along the beach. When the tide comes in the stones are submerged and the fish come in with the tide. As the tide recedes the water goes out and exposes the rocks and traps the fish in the tide pools. It is an impressive archeological site. The corrals also make a great swimming spot as the waves are blocked by the rocks. There are miles of beach to comb and explore in seclusion. A freshwater spring falls off the cliffs so you can wash off after a dip in the ocean. Traveling through the primary forest to get to the ocean howler monkeys can be seen at leisure in the trees. In the right season the humpback whales are seen jumping in the water right from shore. It is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Spanish Lessons:
Our bi-lingual instructors are here to help you jump into the language. We offer custom classes based on your ability and goals. Whether it's a brush up on "travel Spanish", advanced lessons or a Spanish Class field trip to the market, there is something for everyone.

Ecuadorian Cooking Classes:
One of the most amazing things about Ecuador is the delicious food. Most of the produce in Canoa is local, purchased at local markets. Unique dishes like shrimp ceviche, fish encocado, encebollado and other treats you will learn to make and be able to enjoy at your home for years to come. The classes are held in the outdoor kitchen and are a favorite activity among our guests.

Painting Classes:
Moya Foley is our resident artist and she offers a wide variety of painting classes and courses. She has been in Ecuador since the 1980's and has painted many of the breathtaking landscapes over the years. Her classes are held at her home studio and she offers a number of mediums to students.

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Surfing and Lessons
Though Canoa is a small and friendly fishing village, it boasts an extremely friendly "beach break" that provides ideal conditions (shallow, sandy bottom) for guests learning how to surf. During the season (Dec. through June) the waves can be perfect with the north swells.

Canoa is backed by miles of steep cliffs that provide a playground for local paragliding outfitters. Located right behind Canoa Suites, the launch is five minutes from the property. Seeing the Pacific while flying without a motor is a must. After 15 to 20 minutes of flying around we return to the sandy beach right in front of the hotel.

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